Know Your Customer (KYC)

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a system employed by many of the top banks, casinos and gaming companies.  This system helps to verify that all information provided by our players is legitimate and correct and that the funds in question are not linked to illegal activities, or do not lead to any harm.


Why do we do it?

Explain that we do KYC to ensure that money is not being laundered or used for terroristic activities

What do we do check?

ID (Not Expired)

Location Validation

Explain how we may need more

Explain how 

How will we use this information be used

Explain to people how we only use their data for verification purposes, and their data will not be sold to third parties

What happens if they don’t give us that information?

Explain how without the verification their account will be suspended

How do players help with this process?

Supply your information

Supply clear and legible info


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